Stony tickle fics

Apr 1

April Fools Special for sour—strawberries

because I saw this today and totally fell for it. and then I showed it to sour—strawberries. and she also believed, but while I was laughing, she went all indignant on me, LIKE IT WAS MY FAULT. hmph. so I wrote this to make her forgive me (for her not having any sense of humor… *grumbles*). and because I’m that awesome and posting two fics in a row, I’m not posting anything more in this week~ I’ll take that time to work on War, part 2, BRACE YOURSELVES! *goes to slump in a hammock with an umbrella drink*


April Fool’s Day

"Tony, come on now!!" Steve yelped, following his boyfriend who stormed out of the kitchen. Tony was mad, his features scrunched with anger, as he was stomping loudly through the living room on the Avengers common floor, which was designed for the whole team, big enough to fit them all.

"Babe, aren’t you overreacting?" blonde tried to soothe his boyfriend, laying a hand on his shoulder, stopping him. Tony stood there, but didn’t turn around and Steve felt the angry aura all around him. "Tony, it was just a joke.."
"Not funny!" came the snappy answer. Steve sighed.
"You told me yourself that today is April Fool’s and.."
"There are some boundaries, Steve!!”

Steve sighed again. Sometimes it was hard to talk with Tony.

"Tony. So you didn’t cross any boundaries covering my shield with glitter but I did cross them by giving you salt instead of sugar to your coffee?" he said, slightly irritated. Steve just messed with Tony’s coffee, Tony messed with one of the most precious Steve’s possessions.
"It is different!" Tony insisted, turning around. "The glitter came right off and nobody else saw that, while you humiliated me in front of the whole team!" he spat. Steve blinked in confusion. In fact, Tony drank the coffee in front of everyone, while they were eating lunch, making him spit it all over the place as Tony did put a half content of the sugar bowl in his dark, strong coffee. Well, now half of the salt bowl. The rest was laughing, observing as Tony darted to the sink, trying to rinse his mouth, and then he frowned angrily and stormed out, ending the cheerful atmosphere.

"Babe.." Steve started gently. "I didn’t mean to humiliate you.. It was just a prank.." he soothed, pulling Tony to him, relieved when the brunet didn’t pull away.
"Harrumph," he grunted. Steve kissed the top of dark brown head.
"I really am sorry.. If I can make it up to you somehow.." Tony looked up at him with interest. Suddenly a mischievous smirk started to spread across his face.

"I think I know a perfect solution," he stated smugly.
"What do you mean?" Steve asked, but the other didn’t answer just pushed him on the couch, making Steve lay down on his back and blonde didn’t protest, letting Tony do what he wanted, and soon he settled on Steve’s hips straddling him.

"30 sec," he said simply.
"I will tickle the crap out of you for 30 seconds.."
"What?!" Steve yelped, but Tony continued ignoring him.
”.. and you have to hold perfectly still. If you will move, I will handcuff and blindfold you for the night and then it will be really interesting,” he said in a mischievous tone.

"Don’t you think that you’re taking this a little too far?!" Steve yelped again, looking at him with big blue eyes. Tony shrugged.
"Should have think twice before making an idiot out of me. Ready?"
"No! You realize how easy is for me to reverse this situation, right?!" he yelped again and Tony’s expression darkened and he brought his face closer to Steve’s.

"Then I guess that we will just proceed to the handcuff part. I wanted to give you a chance, but if you prefer to be on my mercy for the whole night, or even longer, because you know that once I will get my hands on you I won’t let go until I turn you into a complete mush, never stopping despite all the begging and squirming you, undoubtedly, will do,” he whispered with an evil glee, and Steve looked slightly terrified at him. He already knew that Tony got easily carried away.
"Fine," he huffed, getting himself ready, not moving. Tony smiled, and leaned back, as waiting for something. Steve gave a puzzled look.

"Yeah, you wish," he rolled his eyes. "Arms up." Steve opened his mouth to protest, but knew that arguing was pointless and slowly moved his hands up, intertwining fingers behind his head, giving Tony a hard look.

"Huh. Time to erase that angry look from your face," he smiled, placing both hands on Steve’s defined waist, making his muscles quiver already. "Remember not to move. Be grateful that I allowed you to laugh," and with that he dug his fingers into Steve’s sides. Steve tried to hold off, but Tony didn’t give him any chance, not going easy on him, and soon he burst into helpless laughter, but didn’t move an inch, just shut his eyes tight. Tony’s grin got wider, as he spidered his hands up his rib cage, stroking fast until he got to the sensitive skin of Steve’s underarms and soldier shrieked, his laughter getting more frantic as he fought the urge to lower his hands.

"Woah, that bad? And it’s only been like 5 seconds," Tony smirked, his fingers scratching furiously, sending ticklish spasm through Steve’s body. Then he started to sweep his right hand through the whole length of his left side, while fingers of his left hand wriggled at the side of Steve’s neck.

"HAAAHAHA!!" Steve howled, nearly, nearly bringing up his shoulder to shield the sensitive skin, his whole body shaking. He tried to control his breath but Tony’s fingers dancing on his skin were too much of a distraction.

Tony giggled to himself, liking what he was seeing. But he knew that this wasn’t so bad for him. In one quick move he got off from Steve, just to sit on the couch, pulling his feet on his lap. Steve opened his eyes at the break, just to send Tony a terrified look.

"No!" he yelped out and Tony just smiled.
"20 seconds," and with that, he pressed his fingers to Steve’s socked feet, dragging both hands up each sole, delivering ticklish strokes, torturing every inch and Steve had to fight really hard to not yank his feet away, not even curling his toes.

"Such a good, obedient soldier.." Tony cooed mockingly, one hand sliding at the whole length of his sole, the other one skittering at the top of his foot, torturing the area near his toes.

"HAHHA!! J-JERK!!" Steve yelped between his laughter, taunting from Tony making everything worse.

"I’m a jerk? Really? No, I’m not. I would be, if I did this," and after saying these words, Tony moved one of his hands, outstretching it and digging into Steve’s hip, wiggling deep, making Steve cry in laughter.

"AAHAHAHAAA!!!" that was too much for him. His feet were already very ticklish, but his hips were one of his weakest spots and having both tickled at the same time, left him unable to control himself anymore. He pulled his legs to himself and tried to get away from Tony’s hand but all this resulted in that, that he fell to the floor, gasping as giggles were still pouring out of him.

Tony watched Steve, who curled into a ball on the floor with gentle eyes. “15 seconds,” he said loudly. Steve was trying to catch his breath as he felt Tony’s weight on his back, lips pressing to his ear. “See you up, pretty boy. We’re gonna have so much fun tonight,” he whispered, kissing Steve’s ear, sending a shiver down his body. Then he moved and Steve heard him walk away, humming some tune as he was pleased with himself.

"Hey, what happened here?" Natasha came out of the kitchen, drew out by the sounds. Obviously, she was the only one brave enough from the team to check it. "Steve?" she asked, leaning over the couch, eyeing the splayed soldier.

"N-nothing.." Steve stuttered, still shaken as he pulled himself up. He swallowed thickly. "Natasha.. Can I sleep on your floor tonight?" he asked quietly. Natasha just gave a puzzled look.