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** - more hot, sensual, hints, but not graphic

*** - explicit

my Stony fics

Breaking the soldier - Tony has enough of Steve tickling him half to dead all the time. Time for revenge. ticklish!Steve.

The darkest place is under the candlestick - Tony likes to walk barefoot, but it’s middle of the winter and Steve won’t let him run like that. During an attempt of putting warmer clothes on his boyfriend, Steve learns something interesting. ticklish!Tony.

Stuck ** - Tony got stuck while removing his Iron Man suit. Steve comes to the rescue. … Maybe. ticklish!Tony.

During rainy days - It’s raining, Steve is bored, and his boyfriend is ticklish. Guess the rest. ticklish!Tony.

  • During rainy days, part 2 - it’s raining again, and Tony starts to freak out, remembering the last time Steve pounced on him during such weather. ticklish!Tony.

Intervention - Steve is sad because of the weather. Tony sends the whole team on him to cheer him up. ticklish!Steve.

  • Intervention, part 2 - Clint wants to find out if Tony is ticklish. Eventually he finds out, but Tony doesn’t take it well, and Steve needs to cheer him up. ticklish!Tony.

Off button - Steve is tired and Tony is being annoying. ticklish!Tony.

Testing if you like me back ** (pre-Stony) - Stark Industries makes all sorts of machines. Tony build up a massager and ask Steve to test it on him. Things get out of hand quickly. ticklish!Tony.

Do not disturb - Tony doesn’t like when people are keeping stuff away from him. ticklish!Tony.

Because I love it ** - Steve loves to touch Tony’s tummy. ticklish!Tony.

Valentine’s Day *** - A Valentine’s Day present for my love bubblegumbrrd, sub Steve, dom Tony. ticklish!Steve.

Blanket Snatcher - Steve has a habit of stealing the covers all for himself in bed. Tony shows him the consequences of such behavior. ticklish!Steve, a little bit of ticklish!Tony at the end.

Stark wants, Stark gets *** - a cheer up present for bubblegumbrrd . Tony wants some fondue time with Steve, but Steve is busy. And Tony is not used to hearing “no”. ticklish!Steve, foot tickling.

Dealing with the consequences - Steve got himself handcuffed by mistake. Tony teaches him to not be a smart ass while in such vulnerable position. ticklish!Steve.

Three times Tony got tickled  - Tony’s birthday is coming and Steve notices that his boyfriend misses his home in Malibu, so he talks with Fury to give them a week off. He also talks Rhodey and Pepper to come with them. During the week he learns something. ticklish!Tony, Tony/Rhodey friendship, Tony/Pepper friendship.

Not so protective gear ** - Tony tries to work on his IM suits. Steve comes and takes advantage of the silky, slippery material of his protective gear which is perfect for slowly gliding fingers. ticklish!Tony.

April Fools - present for bubblegumbrrd , because she has no sense of humor. Tony either apparently and after first pulling a prank on Steve, Steve gets him back and Tony doesn’t like being tricked. ticklish!Steve.

  • April Fools 2 *** - Tony keeps his promise and handcuffs and blindfolds Steve for the night and the fun begins. ticklish!Steve.

Round and round the gardenSteve made a wrong call during the mission and feels guilty of what happened. Tony convinces him that everything is alright. ticklish!Steve.

New game *** - present for bubblegumbrrd , inspired by this photo. Tony sees Steve wearing a veeery interesting t-shirt and has an idea he needs to do right away. ticklish!Steve.

Multifunctional ** - Tony puts some improvements in Steve’s Captain America suit. Well, at least in his opinion. ticklish!Steve.

  • Multifunctional 2 *** - Steve has his revenge on Tony for messing with his suit and uses on him something that also is multifunctional. Things get interesting when Steve realizes that Tony likes it. ticklish!Tony.

Some things never change - contains IM 3 spoiler!! Steve didn’t see his boyfriend for awhile and when they finally meet, he doesn’t know what to think about the lack of the arc. Luckily, some things remained the same. ticklish!Tony.

The weirdest thing - inspired by this art. Steve has to go for a mission, Tony doesn’t want him to leave and starts protesting. By clinging to the soldier refusing to let go. ticklish!Tony.

While you were sleeping.. - pre-Stony, ends with Stony. During one of team movie nights, Tony falls asleep on top of Steve. Steve tries to gently move him and accidentally tickles him. Thinking that it’s the right way to gently move the smaller man off him, he keeps that up. His plan backfires when it turns out that Tony enjoys the treatment. ticklish!Tony.

The right partner - birthday present for iridescent-nonreality. early Stony. Steve notices that during cuddling Tony is squirming away from him when touched in certain spots. Time to discover the cause! ticklish!Tony.

Some scars never heal - During a feet massage, Steve discovers  very ticklish spot on Tony’s foot. ticklish!Tony, foot tickling.

You can always come to me *** - Tony can’t sleep. Steve makes him a relaxing bath that turns in something entirely different. ticklish!Tony.

Cure for a zombie - b-day present for berry—gum. Steve had to leave for a mission and Tony begins to sulk. Natasha finds a way to make him smile again. ticklish!Tony.

Moody - Tony had a rough day and Steve’s attempt to comfort him ends rather bad. But it all goes well in the end. ticklish!both.

I dare you to.. - Clint dares Tony to go and kiss Steve. Tony wins something more than only the dare. pre-Stony to Stony. ticklish!Tony.

In the army - Tony refuses to get out from the bed. Steve decides to tickle him out of it. ticklish!Tony.

Keeping a secret ** - Steve sees that Tony is hiding something from him. He decides to get it out from him, by targeting his weakest spots. A lot of tummy and belly button tickling. ticklish!Tony.

Your turn! - for berry—gum. A silly argument that turned into a tickle fight. ticklish!both.

Dating a scientist - Tony notices that Steve doesn’t get burnt by holding hot stuff. What time it is? Science time! ticklish!Steve.

Night talk - Tony can’t sleep, to worried about his tomorrow’s ordeal. Steve comforts him and Tony doesn’t protest. ticklish!Tony.

Warm, warmer, hot ** - it’s a very hot summer. Tony needs to chill. Will Steve find a way? ticklish!Tony.

At the beach - Tony and Steve are on vacation. Tony prefers to sunbathe but he will go in the water under one condition. ticklish!Steve.

Heaven or hell *** - a continuation to baneberrydragon’s fic Overload. Tony wants to feel the same way Steve did, but, as usual, he has to go to the extreme. usage of sex toys, bondage, orgasm denial, but still all loving and consensual. ticklish!Tony.

The games we play - three little games Tony and Steve like. playful tickling. ticklish!both.

Robots - Tony is away on a business trip. He leaves Steve a little present to keep him occupied. ticklish!both.

Night after ** - Tony should know better than to snark just right after sex. ticklish!Tony.

Giver and Receiver - a b-day fic for BBD! Tony likes to get tickled by Steve and tries to repay the favor. feet tickling. ticklish!both.

Away from you *** - how Tony and Steve handle not being around each other. phone sex! ticklish!Tony.

Hi handsome ** - a b-day present for angleofdarkness! Tony came back from a business trip and both Steve and Tony show what they missed. ticklish!both

Art time - a b-day fic for New!Anon! Tony is bored, Steve is busy with artistic stuff. Steve decides to include Tony in. ticklish!Tony

  • Tasty - a requested continuation to Art time, written as b-day fic for Smartass!Anon! Tony has a sweet surprise in their bedroom for Steve. ticklish!Tony

The perfect soldier - Steve walks into Natasha tickling Tony. He gets some ideas. Not very happy ones. ticklish!both, pre-stony.

5 minutes - Tony always makes Steve wait. Steve makes a rule that each time Tony tells him to wait, he will get his minutes back from him. ticklish!Tony

Happy Halloween! - Tony and Steve have some fun during Halloween night, while cuddling on the couch and watching horrors. ticklish!both

No need to ask ** - Steve knows what to do to make Tony shiver in delight. And Tony loves it. ticklish!Tony

Sweet torture *** - Steve loves Tony. But it doesn’t mean that he won’t tickle torture him from time to time. ticklish!Tony

(Not) A fair fight - a b-day fic for Pumpkin!Anon! It’s easy for Steve to pin Tony down and tickle him senseless. Time to give Tony a chance for retaliation. Steve and Tony friendship. ticklish!both

The best medicine - Steve gets back from a mission SHIELD send him to find Tony sick. Fluffy stuff! ticklish!Tony

A different kind of concert - Steve tries to play the bagpipes, much to the horror of the rest of the team, and much to Tony’s amusement. After Natasha’s suggestion he decides to play Tony instead. ticklish!Tony, raspberries.

Ups and downs - Tony got lost in company work. Steve cheers him up in the most effective way he knows. ticklish!Tony and a little bit of ticklish!Steve

Here kitty, kitty - a b-day fic for Snowflake!anon! Steve gets Tony an early Christmas gift. ticklish!Tony

Play with me - Tony wants some attention from Steve during dinner with the rest of the team. ticklish!Tony, foot tickling.

Under the mistletoe - Mistletoe fun between Steve and Tony. ticklish!both

Christmas bath - Tony and Steve use the Christmas present Tony got. ticklish!Tony

Evil ** - Tony and Steve have some fun with a present Tony got for himself. ticklish!Tony

Oh, Christmas Tree - something I wrote and submitted to BG as a Christmas gift. Tony and Natasha friendship, pre-Stony to Stony. ticklish!Tony

Secrets - Tony and Steve just started dating and find new interesting things about the other. ticklish!both

Set of rules - there are some rules on Steve and Tony’s shared floor. ticklish!Tony

(After) Valentines Day - Steve and Tony don’t celebrate V-day. So why is Steve mad? ticklish!both

Monday morning - just some Monday morning fluff between Steve and Tony. written in two language versions!

Tell me, Captain *** - An interrogation role play between Steve and Tony. bondage, orgasm denial, hot stuff, loving and consensual. ticklish!both

Burden - Steve is having a rough time - new life is confusing him and the weird relationship between him and a certain genius is not helping. Pre-Stony to Stony, ticklish!both

Not a baby - Tony destroyed Steve’s possession and hides under the covers like an adult he is. Steve assures him that it’s okay and lovingly punishes him. ticklish!Tony

Friend or Foe - Tony finds out something interesting about Natasha, but the plan backfires on him. Tony and Natasha friendship, ticklish!Natasha, ticklish!Tony, slight mentions of Stony.

Memories - Steve is having nightmares about Bucky, Tony tries to calm him down. ticklish!Steve.

Assassins - Avengers play a game as a team bonding exercise. Tony is taught a lesson by Natasha to not cheat next time. hidden Stony, ticklish!Tony, team fic.

Cure for sickness - Tony fakes being sick. Steve know how to cure him. ticklish!Tony 

Roar - Steve watches too many programs about dinosaurs. ticklish!Tony 

Not so innocent nicknames - first Superfamily fic here!   

Cure for bad days - Steve is having a rough day, Tony knows a way to make it  better. ticklish!Steve, feet tickling  

In London - Tony is a tease, and Steve loves it. ticklish!Tony  

  • After London *** - Steve has an anniversary surprise for Tony. first interactive fic, where readers were choosing how the situation will develop! ticklish!Tony  

First times - sweet, cuddly fic between Tony and Steve. very early Stony. ticklish!Tony  

Chicago - Stark’s Style ** - Tony finds out something interesting about his soldier during “Chicago”. ticklish!Tony and Tony in woman lingerie.   

A thing about villains and revenge - there is one villain who doesn’t want to leave Steve alone, and Steve treats him like charity work, given that he is not a very good villain. Until one time.. ticklish!Steve, Stony friendship  

Adults - Tony and Steve go for a walk in the park and find a playground. Being the adults they are, they decide to test it. ticklish!both 

Mine ** - a bday fic for kigichi! Steve doesn’t like Tony flirting with other people. One night, Tony proves to Steve that he is absolutely his. ticklish!Tony and Tony in woman lingerie. ticklish!Tony 

A guy thing - Tony and Clint are left unattended at the Tower, which results in weirdness. ticklish!Tony 

Who are you without the suit - my first ever Stony. ah, memories! pre-Stony, ticklish!both 

Unfair - Steve discovered that Tony is ticklish and takes it a bit too far. ticklish!both, Stony friendship 

I want candy ** - Steve discovers new usage for fizzing candy. ticklish!Tony 

Steve-“This-will-teach-you-to-get-crumbs-on-the-couch”-Rogers - a very long title, for not such a long fic. Tony doesn’t appreciate Steve cleaning, Steve teaches him a lesson.. using the vacuum cleaner. ticklish!Tony

Summer fun - Avengers enjoy a day at the pool. The team will witness two secrets between Tony and Steve. Hidden Stony, ticklish!Tony, raspberries

Cheer him up - Superfamily! Peter goes through his first heartbreak. Tony can’t stand his teenage son sad, and decides to cheer him up in the same way he always did, when Peter was a baby. ticklish!Peter, raspberries.

Misunderstood - Tony would do everything to keep Steve, so when he sees that his boyfriend is busy, he does what thinks is the best, and pushes Steve away, letting him focus on work. ticklish!Tony

Oh, bacon - it’s America’s fav holiday! Bacon day! How will Tony and Steve celebrate? Find out on your own! ticklish!Tony

Carrot soup - Tony was reckless during a battle, Steve is furious at him. Tony tries to fix things, ticklish!Steve

Tummy ache - Tony has a tummy ache, Steve helps, and Tony absolutely loves it.

Spiders - Superfamily! Moments from Peter;s childhood, starring Natasha, ticklish!Peter, ticklish!Tony

Pounce! - Tony thinks of a way how to get Steve back for all times he tickled him crazy. ticklish!Steve, ticklish!Tony

Tenfold *** - Tony knows what Steve likes in bed. feet tickling, ticklish!Steve

A vicious circle *** - Steve pushes Tony Tony’s buttons, or button, in the most wonderful way. ticklish!Tony, belly button tickling


body acceptance series

Always Beautiful Tony puts on weight and pushes Steve away feeling insecure. Steve talks him out of it. Light tickling, mostly talk. ticklish!Tony.

Perfect for me - Tony finds out that Steve finds him attractive no matter what - even more when he is on the heavier side. But the super soldier has his own insecurities.

Gorgeous - During Thanksgiving dinner, Tony decides to give Steve a real show, teasing him hard. Literally. belly kink, stuffing, ticklish!Tony

Fireworks - Tony and Steve go on little vacation to celebrate New Year. Turns out that Tony gained some winter weight. ticklish!Tony

  • Fireworks 2 - Tony and Steve have a talk in bed, turns out that Tony is confused if Steve likes him for him, or for the weight gain. ticklish!Tony
  • Fireworks 2,5 - Tony starts to feel better in his own skin, but doesn’t want to go back to New York afraid that other people will judge him. Steve helps him feel better. ticklish!Tony
  • Fireworks 3 - Tony managed to loose some weight, but is still not happy with himself. Steve tries to fix it. ticklish!Tony

Mini fic - Tony is chubby and proud, and Steve wants to pound to the ground everyone who is trying to put his boyfriend down. no tickling.

Hungry - Tony maybe not be happy with his additional weight, but Steve never before had felt so aroused by Tony. written for carrottheluvmachine

3 chubby!Tony drabbles - as the tile says. a bit of hot, a bit of tickling. 

Awesome mix - Peter Quill aka Star Lord visits New York to meet the Avengers. He and Tony had a rough start, but soon find a thing that they have in common. Stony, bit of tickling, but mostly Tony and Peter stuffing themselves.


special wishes

The one thing that didn’t change - Steve has problems with adjusting in the new times. He finds an escape. self harm fic with a happy ending. pre-Stony.

Crisis - a fic I submitted to Nhasablog. A mix of Glee and Avengers (Gleevangers - Tony Stark being Blaine’s father) and Klaine (Kurt x Blaine). ticklish!Blaine.

Our baby - Tony is pregnant with Steve’s baby and finds himself disgusting, but Steve was never more in love with him. ticklish!Tony

A hidden memory - a Guardians of the Dreams fic I wrote for shewhohasmanynames b-day! 

Tony is a sexy devil with cute side - little something I wrote for Eerie. no tickling. 

Good morning, Mr. Stark - cute Pepperony, written for BG’s birthday. ticklish!Tony 

Three times - when Steve thought Tony was dead and the one time he was. pretty much self explanatory. athough there is character death in it, I don’t consider it as an entirely sad fic. 


Au series

Stony high school 

High School Blues - Steve is a captain of the football team and is dating Tony Stark - genius, geek, tinker. ticklish!both.

  • High School Blues 2 - Tony helps Steve to prepare to his physics test. Some other stuff comes in between. ticklish!both.

Stony Summer camp

It happened one summer   Steve Rogers is an owner of a camp for underprivileged kids. The camp becomes a big hit, and soon he is asked by wealthier parents to take their kids in. One summer, a certain Tony Stark attends the camp.. ticklish!Tony.

  • It happened one summer, part 2 - Tony practically moved in Steve’s apartment for the summer. Love is blooming, the difference between them are showing and some summer memories are coming back. ticklish!both 


mini fic series

Red, White and Blue - a series loosely set in the 4th July time. three parts -

1 - Agent’s perspective

2 - The day after (Stony),

3 - Learn your lesson (Stony, ***)

Mini-fics - focused on one tickle spot.

1 - Tony tickling Steve’s hips with a duster,

2 - Steve tickles playfully Tony’s behind,

3 - Tony gets the back of Steve’s knees,

4 - Steve tickles Tony feet with a toothbrush, bondage, **

5 - Tony gives Steve a back massage and tickles his back, Steve retaliates 

6 - Tony tickles Steve’s chest, **

7 - Raspberries on Tony’s belly

8 - Tony tickles Steve’s private area, ***

9 - Steve cuddles and tickles Tony’s neck during movie night

10 - Steve tickles back of Tony’s thighs during make out, **

11 - Steve playfully tickles Tony’s sides,

12 - Steve tickles Tony’s belly button,

13 - Tony tickles Steve’s belly,

14 - Tony motorboats Steve, Steve retaliates with tickling Tony’s bottom,

15 - Tony tickles Steve’s forearms.

16 - Steve tickles Tony’s back to wake him up, 

17 - Steve tickles Tony’s private area, *** 


my Stony-tickle fics  from my dA

click - the fics I post here are either my own ideas or requests. all are playful and fluffy ;D I don’t double post, so keep checking!


 fics written for my bday ♕

A birthday wake up call by shewhohasmanynames - it’s Tony’s bday and he gets a bit upset, but Steve is there to cheer him up. ticklish!Tony 

Birthday cake by calmturquoise - Tony enjoys his bday cake, Steve allows him, loving Tony’s pouch belly, not able to resist tickling him a bit. ticklish!Tony 

Rules by BG - Steve tickles his sleeping boyfriend awake. ticklish!Tony 

Tangled up in you by carrotthelovemachine - Tony gets stuck in his workshop. Steve comes to help. or not. ticklish!Tony 



written by P.

  • Knowing when to keep quiet - Tony teaches Steve how to dance. Unfortunately, Tony Stark is not a good teacher and Steve is not a patient student. ticklish!Tony
  • It’s my job to cheer you up - Steve tries to be more “soldier” after his latest SHIELD evaluation. Tony doesn’t approve the change in his boyfriend. ticklish!Steve.

written by e-rivers

  • Tony Stark does not sulk - Tony is upset about his recent failures in his workshop, Steve puts his mind at ease. ticklish!Tony
  • Wisdom teeth - Tony got his wisdom teeth removed. Steve has a whole plan how to make him feel better. ticklish!Steve.
  • Nudging - Steve doesn’t know how to do sexy. Tony tries to convince him that he is sexy no matter what in his own special way. no tickling, but a very awesome fic regardless!!

written by TeddyBear

  • Running from the facts - Tony wants to ask Steve to do something with him, but for the first time in his life Tony gets shy.
  • Moving on - Tony gets to say goodbye to his mom. sad feels. ticklish!Tony.
  • Forever and always - Tony has to go to the doctor, which brings back paniful memories. ticklish!Tony

written by succubus9500

  • Just a normal day - Tony gets bored during watching tv and bugs Steve - Steve bugs him back. ticklish!both

written by Ashley

  • Arc REACTOR! - Steve discovers something interesting about his boyfriend’s arc. ticklish!Tony
  • Loosing my patience - Steve and Tony fantasy AU. prepare for some teenage satyrs cuteness!! ticklish!Tony
  • Two times a week - Everyone has problems. The Avengers team finds comfort in the psychiatrist hired by SHIELD.
  • Young at heart - continuation to Two times a week. Tony gets along with the psychiatrist.

written by BF!Anon

  • Fool me twice - brotherly moment between Thor and Loki. Thor 2 spoilers!!
  • Secret - Tony has a week moment. Steve is there to cheer him up. pre-Stony. ticklish!Tony
  • Remote - Tony feels touch deprived and finds a solution. Steve catches him in the act and decides to join. ticklish!Tony
  • Bully - sequel to Remote. Steve starts to worry that he bullies Tony. ticklish!Steve
  • Worthy - something happens during a battle and it makes Natasha confused. ticklish!Natasha. a must read for all Black Widow’s fans!! 

written by Tweety

written by Serum

written by Ducky

  • Gummy Worms - Tony pranks Steve, Steve has his revenge. ticklish!Tony 

written by Mirage