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soooo, I got a little caught up in writing mini fics. going back to schedule! … this is a short fic, so probably can be considered a mini fic anyway, buuut I wrote this. and this. and this. a lot of explaining took place with that fic :D still, sorry, didn’t manage to link it to “Dealing with the consequences" :( but it’s Tony having revenge, so I hope you like it anyway!!



Steve was on a mission. It required stealth and patience and a whole lot of focus, so he wouldn’t bump into something or knock any mechanisms down, giving his presence away.

He spotted his target. On the twelve o’clock, too engrossed in his own business. Steve came a little bit closer, before leaping to Tony, hands reaching forward to clasp them on his boyfriend’s side and reduce him into a giggling and pleading mess in less than 5 seconds, which Steve just loved doing..

.. when he was stopped by something metal and cold holding his wrist, and Steve yelped, abruptly stopping. He looked with wide eyes to the left, spotting Dummy holding his left wrist in its metal claw. “Dummy! Let go of me!” Steve protested, trying to tug his arm away, gently enough, not wanting to hurt the bot. “Hey!” he felt another cold embrace, this time on his right wrist and noticed another bot holding him in the same manner, that Dummy was. “You!” he cried in protest. Since when Tony’s bots were randomly stopping him?!

Steve heard a burst of laughter in front of him. He looked at Tony who was leaning against the desk, facing Steve and smiling wide and victorious at him. “Ah, Captain America, you walked right into my trap,” the genius mocked.

Steve shot Tony a puzzled look. “Tony, what’s going on?!” he asked, again trying to tug his arms away from the bots, who whirred in protest, holding him tighter.

"You see, Steve.." Tony explained, walking closer to Steve, "I don’t really appreciate you pouncing on me while I’m working and distracting me."

Steve huffed a little laugh after a while. “You never complained before.”

Tony smiled. “Well, I am now. And I’m giving you a friendly warning,” he placed his hands on Steve’s sides and lightly tapped the skin with his fingertips. “Are you gonna leave me alone while I’m in the workshop?”

Steve wiggled lightly, trying to dislodge Tony’s hands from him, seeing that he couldn’t use his arms for protection. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said, the touch sending little shivers along his body.

"You don’t? Do I need to refresh your memory?" Tony grinned playfully, suddenly digging all ten fingers into Steve’s muscled side, and wiggling.

"AH!! HHAHA!!" Steve squirmed, uncontrollable laughter pouring out of him.

"Do you remember now?" Tony asked again, smoothly moving his hands up to tickle at Steve’s ribs and poking his underarms with index fingers, then scratching furiously the spot.

"T-Toohhohony!!" Steve laughed, pulling his hands to the front trying to press arms to his sides and heard a louder whirr from both bots and some metal grinding, as if he was hurting them by pulling on their claws. "Noohoho!" Steve immediately stopped trying to shield himself, not wanting to hurt the robots. "Thatahahaat’s unfahahahaair!!’ he laughed out, now knowing why Tony send his bots on him. 

"Oh right, because you using your super soldier strength against me, is so fair," Tony seethed playfully, tripping his hands higher lightly tickling both sides of Steve’s neck, making his boyfriend giggle and tilt his head back. "I’m just using against you what I have," he said sweetly, one hand softly scratching at Steve’s neck, while he used the other one to grab at the band of Steve’s sweatpants, lightly pulling them down, just to expose the hips.

Steve noticed what Tony was doing. “NO!” he squirmed, craning his neck and trying to trap Tony’s fingers, giggling. “Tohahahahany!!”

"You will stop sneaking on me while I’m working, got it?" Tony growled, stopping tickling Steve’s neck, to dig both hands into soldier’s hips, tickling around the dip.

Steve squealed, barely stopping himself from pulling hands to himself, remembering that it would result in ripping out metal hands of the bots, and nearly collapsing to the floor instead. “STAHAHAHAHAP!!” he cried when his weakest spot was under an unmerciful attack. 

"You didn’t answer my question," Tony reminded, pushing his thumbs deep into the juncture.

"HAAAHAHAAH!!" Steve tossed his head. "Fhihihihine!! I wihihihil staHAHAHAhahap!!

Tony smirked. “Are you sorry for all times you you already did that?”


Tony didn’t react, except for squeezing Steve’s hips harder.

"HAAHA! Yehehes! Sohohory!!"

"That didn’t sound very convincing.." Tony leered, wiggling fingers at the soft, pale skin.

"NAHAHA! I’m.. hahaha!! So so soohohoryyy!!"

Tony giggled, noticing how red Steve’s face became and how positively wrecked he looked. “Good enough,” he decided, retracting his hands.

Steve was breathing hard and dropped his head to his chest, not able to utter a word.

"Let him go, boys," Tony gave an order to the bots. The second Steve was free, stumbling, he darted from the workshop, accompanied by Tony’s laughter.

True to his words, Steve didn’t attack Tony for the whole day he had spend in the lab.

When late evening, Tony finally went up to their floor to get some rest, the second he walked from the elevator, Steve pounced on him, tackling him to the ground.

"HEY!!" Tony cried in protest, displeased when he hit the ground and got smothered by over 200 pounds of muscles. He looked at Steve and gulped, seeing how dark his eyes were and how evil his smile was.

"I promised to not attack you while you’re in the workshop," soldier sneered, easily pinning Tony’s wrists above his head, "but you never said anything about attacking you on our floor," he said, pleased with finding a loop and yanking Tony’s shirt up to his armpits, planning an unmerciful attack on his own. 

Oh, very unmerciful.

In the end, Steve promised to stop, only if Tony retracts his no-tickle attacks in the workshop ban.

Tony didn’t really had a different choice than to comply. 

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Steve, could you name/tell a time when Tony got really upset about something and how you helped him get over it?


"I think the most recent time, when I saw Tony the most upset, was when he ordered some custom made suits from…

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